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Dear Fellow Seeker, 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Mark Tong and I am a Spiritual Healer and Teacher that has developed a “Process” to identify the “Life Lessons” that each individual is dealing with. Let’s face it, we are all here learning and dealing with Spiritual lessons. The challenge with these lessons is having the awareness and knowing what these lessons are and what is needed to complete the lesson(s). 

 As you know, by looking back at your own life, these “lessons” continue to repeat and seem to get harder and harder until we learn what we need to learn from them. You find them in your struggles with relationships, abundance, physical conditions, and other various aspects of life. 


 We set aside one special weekend, where you will hear all about “Life Lessons” and how to identify, but more importantly, learn from the lessons so they will never repeat.  


 Each attendee of this weekend event will receive a private, fifteen-minute “Life Lesson Session” with Dr. Tong. In just a few minutes, we will identify: 

 Your remaining “Life Lessons” 

Who is involved 

How many times it's repeated 

The Spiritual concepts tied to the “lessons” 

 Plus: You will receive the tools to “walk through” those “lessons”. 

 And More! Value: Priceless

 Friday, Aprl 12, 2019 

 Early Check In: Enjoy the pool, common areas, and spa services on Friday as you arrive. 

 6:00 PM: Welcome Dinner

 7:00 PM: Release Negativity – Start the weekend off right by releasing any negativity with a deep meditation, followed by a “Burning Bowl” ceremony where you release what you no longer need to carry and begin attracting what you really want. This is a really POWERFUL and you will actually feel the difference of being "lighter and brighter".

 Saturday, April 13, 2019

 7:30 AM - 9:30AM: Breakfast served in the main dining room 

 8:30 AM: Introduction to Yoga – Movement for Health 

 10:00 AM: “The 7 Life Lessons” – Each attendee will hear from Dr. Tong about each of the seven lessons, the emotions tied to each lesson and various Spiritual concepts to understand the lesson and the process developed to accelerate Spiritual Growth. 

 Noon: Lunch with Mindfulness and Gratitude 

 1:00 PM: The Lesson of “Unconditional Love” – The significance of the lesson of “Unconditional Love” will be revealed along with short cuts in experiencing “Unconditional Love”. Presented by Dr. Mark Tong 

3:00 PM: Spa Time / Free Time 

 6:00 PM: Dinner  

 7:30 PM: “Releasing The Past Ceremony” - Let your true-self become present in this life-changing ceremony as you let go of your past, giving you a clean-slate to move forward (a really powerful experience). 

 Sunday, April 14, 2019

 7:30 AM - 9:30AM: Breakfast 

 10:00 AM: “Healing Relationships” – The Divinity and significance in every relationship can assist you in expanding your Spiritual awareness and understandings. Often these connections are overlooked and significant “Life Lessons” are missed. 

 Noon: Lunch 

 Late Checkout - Spa Service / Free Time 

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Arrive on Thursday, April 11, 2019 and relax at Crytal Bay or explore Saint Petersburg and the nearby Gulf Beaches or stay Sunday, April 14, 2019 night and wind down after the event. (Bonus value of up to $242). So call today! 

 BONUS #2 Free Online Access of the 7 Life Lessons Online Program + Healing Spiritually Audio Program!

Attendeees will receive unlimited, total access to the 7 Life Lesson Online Training. Watch each lesson and each segment online in High Defition Video, plus as a special added bonus you will have access to our entire one-day event, Healing Spiritually Audio Program. This audio program reveals the insights revealed to Dr. Tong from his Master Teachers exploring the art of Spiritual Healing. $397 Value

 BONUS #3 – Our Totally Unheard of Guarantee – Our Guarantee To You! 

 If at anytime during the weekend you feel, “this is just not for me” (or for any reason whatsoever), simply notify any of our staff members that you will not be continuing with the “program” and receive a FULL REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED – Plus continue to stay at the hotel as our guest and enjoy the local beaches and shopping FREE OF CHARGE. The only way we can possibly offer this “Unheard of Money-Back Guarantee” is to offer a program so POWERFUL and so EFFECTIVE that you WILL SEE THE VALUE AND HOW IT WILL HELP YOU EXPAND YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH, AND ENHANCE YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFESTYLE!

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The "Starter Kit" will introduce you to the "7 Life Lessons" plus it contains the "Emotional Inventory Worksheet" that allows you to begin to see how your prior emotional events are a big part your Life Lessons (really powerful).

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 "The course was delivered masterfully. I learned more about my Soul Connection than I ever could imagine." 

Chris H., Saint Petersburg, FL

"I learned to 'just let it go'... and the information is inspiring" 

Gina M., Niagara Falls, NY

"The course was very helpul for my lessons - I needed to let go of the things that I held against myself." 

Jaclyn F., Farmington Hills, MI

"I came here feeing stressed and overwhelmed with my life and left feeling relaxed and rejuvented with practical tools keep me on track. I will definitely be back!"  

Cindy B. - Seminole, Floirda

" I truly ejoyed my experience at the Crystal Bay Hotel. The food was delcious and the weekend exerience was beyond expectation."

Mariana S. - Tampa, FL

"As I walked ino he Crystal Bay Hotel, I felt a sense of peace and I felt welcomed. The staff is amazing and the food was great! The weekend experience was unforgettabe."

Luz T. - Boca Raton, FL

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About Crystal Bay Hotel - Saint Petersburg, Florida

The Crystal Bay Hotel is a restored (fall 2015), historic hotel that was restored and is owned by Dr. Mark Tong, the founder of Healing International, LLC and the discoverer of the "7 Life Lesssons". Dr. Tong demonstrates what he teaches in obtaining, Health, Wealth and Peace of Mind. 

Crystal Bay Hotel - 7401 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 337701

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